A travel experience

To ensure that your stay in Cuenca and our hotel leave an indelible mark on your memory and really mark your history.

Mansion Alcázar offers a menu of attractions that you can select and carry out according to your interest and availability.


City Tour


Full Day (8 hours)

From:  $100,00

Half Day (4 hours)

From:  $45,00 (Minimum 2 pax)

Cuenca is an enigmatic city of Ecuador where you can discover why it was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Tour activities include visiting the Cathedral and the other churches around the historical center, the Central Park Abdon Calderon, the Barranco, Turi, the four rivers, the flower market, the hat museum, and other places where you will find special handicrafts.


Full Day (8 hours)

From:  $98,00 (Minimum 2 pax)

Gualaceo & Chordeleg provide a view of ancestral villages where artisans have been creating for generations famous wood artifacts (macanas), ceramic pottery, gold jewelry, and silver filigree jewelry. All  with exclusive and authentic designs. In addition, you can visit one of the largest orchid displays in the country.

National Park


Full Day (8 hours)

From:  $98,00 (Minimum 2 pax)

Enjoy the amazing variety of ecosystems such as the Cajas where you can find around 270 glacier lakes and lagoons. The Park is home to many important wildlife species. You can visit the park which is only 30 minutes from Cuenca.



Full Day (8 hours)

From:  $92,00 (Minimum 2 pax)

Ingapirca is the most important Incan site in Ecuador. It was an Incan ceremonial center and was built about 50 years before the arrival of the Spaniards.  it is in the south of Ecuador 80 km from Cuenca.

Horse Riding


Full Day

From:  $95,00 (Minimum 2 pax)

Mount your gentle and professionally-trained horse and prepare to experience daily countryside life in a totally unique and memorable way. Ride along local trails through indigenous and private farming sites, areas of primary forest, the ancient Inca Trail and small hidden villages.