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Mud Ceremony Therapy

This treatment begins with a gentle full body exfoliation , followed by a thermal plastic wrap for 20 minutes, helping the minerals penetrate into the bloodstream providing all the benefits to the body .

After this time you can remove the mud with a warm shower and enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation in the steam of the SPA ; We end with a relaxing massage of 30 minutes.

The result is a soft and velvety as volcanic minerals mud hold moisture getting skin hydration and removing toxins helping to regulate the body and neutralizing the pH .

Price: 80 usd

Tax included

Hotel Courtesy: Fruits and  Ginger Te at the end of the treatment 


Lavander and Roses Therapy

We start with an exfoliation on Tina with rose petals , lavender and rice powder .

Followed by a thermal envelope with rose petals and lavender flowers accompanied by a facial mask with a veil of collagen for 20 minutes.

We completed a full body massage with essential oils of lavender or pink .

Price: 95 usd

Tax included

Hotel Courtesy: Strawberries and Rose Te at the end of treatment